Teamonspot encompasses many members from every part of the country and here some members shared their experience about Teamonspot and how we helped in their success.

Member Photo Teamonspot provide me an opportunity for regular income. Of course, I will refer my known persons and contacts to join TOS. Renuka Prakash, Kerala
Member Photo I established a very good business relationship with Teamonspot. I lost a lot in many MLM but here I am earning well. Thanks - John Davis, Tamilnadu
Member Photo My cousin only referred me to this concept and I for his pressure only I enrolled here but now I am very satisfied. I got my money back without putting in any effort. Now I am seriously promoting this concept. – Swetha Raghavan, Tamilnadu
Member Photo An excellent opportunity to put effort to get regular monthly income. Now my whole family is working for this innovative concept. - Mallika Chander, Karnataka
Member Photo It really does work according to my expectations. I will recommend it to everyone. - Purushothaman, Kerala
Member Photo I am 37 years old lady and having 2 children, working as an LIC agent. My colleague only referred Teamonspot and I enrolled by paying 3K. I am surprised that my bank account will get credited 1K and I am asked to claim either product or 2.5K cash while after 8 days of joining. Now I am seriously promoting TOS and referred 29 persons so far and all the persons I referred also satisfied. Regards - Pushpa, Maharashtra
Member Photo I am from a rural village in Kerala and very much disappointed due to my investment of RS. 5500 in an MLM company referred by my neighbor and I didn’t get any monetary benefit out of my investment and they gave me a kit containing few herbal medicines while joining. In April 2018 I joined teamonspot by paying Rs. 3000 and I got Rs. 3500 back within 10 days and now referred 18 persons and I am sure that I will get my lifetime royalty from June month. Thanks, TOS – Sneha Manoj, Kerala
Member Photo After joining as a member in Teamonspot I usually copy and paste the projects available in my dashboard to my FB timeline and Whatsapp groups and now I understand the power of digital marketing. I really understand that the monthly revenue will increase if we promote the projects available in our project box. - Khaleed Sheik, West Bengal
Member Photo I worked for a reputed MLM company and I can earn only Rs. 7800 after 1 year of my effort and my investment for the same is Rs. 6000. Here I earned Rs. 27000 within 2 months and my investment were only Rs. 3000. Teamonspot is GREAT. – Manjula, Delhi
Member Photo 100% I am much more relaxed in this business. Thanks, TOS - Srinivasan K, Andhra Pradesh
Member Photo My idle time is now occupied by getting enough income for my expenses. Mrs. Susan, Cochin
Member Photo Thanks to It supports my free time to earn money. Amit Agarwal, Mumbai
Member Photo When I was searching for a job, Teamonspot helped me financially. Gracy Tinvolt, Mumbai
Member Photo I have been referred by my close relative and enrolled. Very easy work, no stress at all. Thanks, Binoy, and teamonspot. Mary Sebastian, Trivandrum
Member Photo I am 55 years old. I was boring down at home due to age factor. Nobody sought my service out of my age. But Teamonspot timely helped me. I am now comfortable and occupied. Meenakshi R
Member Photo The entire crew of Teamonspot is fast, responsive and amicable. They support me at all time. I am an active member of them. Amudha, Madurai
Member Photo This work is quite magical and the Company is credible. As said they have credited the amount Rs, 2500.00 in my bank account and supported me in every step. Maria Wilson, Kerala
Member Photo The promoter concept is well going and I have been categorized as the high performer. Thanks, Teamonspot Murugavel, Nagercoil
Member Photo The cashback concept is highly appreciable because they won’t compel to buy any uninterested products. Murthy, Coimbatore
Member Photo My daughter is now 17 years old. Now she is spending her leisure time with Teamonspot and earns money for her pocket expense. Mrs. Diana, Chennai
Member Photo I was previously in MLM. Full of stress and sweats. Now I joined in Only clicking, sharing and earning money. Feel chilled out!!! Hemalatha, Chennai
Member Photo Excellent!!!
Member Photo MLM is a Waste. is the BEST. I am enjoying this concept. Rinku, Chennai