MLM Companies


Our rigorous work gulped down a solid 5 years to develop, survey the market, do case studies, research this innovative Teamonspot Crowdsourcing Concept and to launch the same. Our Company is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified firm. We have a wide experience in Profile Management. We are associated with many top-ranking Corporate Companies in India & abroad. There are over 3000 MLM companies in India including a few reputed and not others. Anyone can easily start a MLM company with readymade MLM software available at INR 10,000. As everyone knows, most of the MLM closed their shutters in India within a year of time. Over 90% MLM companies vanished in the past 5 years.


You can easily join with us either offline or online by providing your personal and bank account details. We charge only INR 2000 as a Membership Fee including GST. You can choose other modes of payment also. Our professional customer relationship personnel will assist at your joining time. It is quite intricate to join as a member without the guidance of any Expert. Though it is a single concept, the various plans and payment options will certainly confuse the users.


Any Indian citizen from a toddler to senior citizens can be a Teamonspot member. We have various suitable projects for our members. However, users below 18 years are not eligible for Online projects. Individuals who are 18 years old and above can only become a member in MLM, Network Marketing Company.


All members are eligible for the branded products that worth more than the membership enrollment fee. Members can select the product from the list of branded products available in our website (OR) request for the INR. 2500 cash back. Members should buy products of their preferred brand and price. Some companies require that the member should make a minimum monthly purchase to stay in business. The typical MLM organization will charge you to join, make you buy product (rather than waiting until you have any customer order), pressure you to buy several layers of training packages, etc.


All members will be paid and promoters will get a lifetime royalty income. Owning a bike, a luxury car or a home is easier than any MLM/network marketing concept. Anyone can earn a significant income by working part-time while working in their full-time job. Here the members will be paid if and only if they refer and make others join as per the Company's concept. Based on the member's product sales only incentives and commissions are determined. Most people run out of the company within 90 days as they cannot bear the pressure.


Our concept is easy to explain. Everyone will be paid by promoting Company's assignments by just clicking, sharing and posting etc. We do not crunch the members with product selling or targets. Earning the royalty commission is quick and easy here. Members should explain the Company's complicated concept, product details in order to generate sales. All MLM comply with Sales Targets. To become a successful member, everyday effort is necessary. Part-time work will not boost the income in MLM. You can make NOTHING unless you are capable of managing your valuable time and meticulous effort.


All members are paid and the promoters are extensively paid in a regular phase. We are adhering to 0% loser concept. Only 40 - 45% members are paid and others are losers. Only 10% members are highly paid in any MLM concept. If a member (OR) group fails to do sales, then they will be paid NOTHING.


A member is benefited by helping other members in the team and no up line/down line confusions prevail in our concept. Any member from our family can help anyone to obtain a mutual benefit. A neophyte need not know anything as our professionals support particularly during the initial phase. An individual should generate a team with his/her individual effort to develop it further. The up line members will concentrate and add members only on the weak side. They won't come forward to help the new comer.


No competition here. Anyone can help any member and all are equally benefitted. MLM concept runs with Up line and down line competition. Tough competitions and inevitable targets are the basement of MLM. An individual shall use of his own skill set for the survival. No support or patting can be expected from anyone.


Teamonspot members can easily acquire life time royalty. A minimum of 3-4 years is required to earn a royalty income.


Many rewards, foreign trips, gifts are assured. After achieving a high target levels only one may be informed about the rewards. This would definitely take long years with minimal assurance.


Distribution of gifts in monetary or non-monetary form is well assured. It is organized in a consistent way periodically. Disorganized and unassured rewards may be presented when the member achieved sales target beyond their expectations.


We do not deter the effort of our members by making ceiling barricades. They will be paid for their efforts accordingly. Most of the MLM companies do ceiling in weekly / monthly commissions of their good earning members.

Inactive members

In some situations a few members cannot be able to promote our concept. But, we do even consider and pay such inactive members. Inactive members won't get any payments.