Projects for our members

Teamonspot Offline projects for members

We are having a huge database of individuals from various categories and it will definitely fulfill our client's requirement. We provide individuals and we source crowd based on our client's requirement such as young crowd, middle-aged crowd, aged crowd, family crowd, general crowd, mixed crowd, male crowd, female crowd, kids crowd, rich look crowd etc for their projects like public functions, events, inaugurations, serials, films, TV shows, commercials, volunteering, brand/product campaigning, market survey, seasonal sales etc.

We provide regular and simple assignments to our members and our associated clients will pay for their completed works. Interested members will be intimated about such assignments and they will be paid for the same besides the regular revenue commissions.

Teamonspot Online projects for members:

"Online Projects" is the assignments from our clients to promote their advertisements, movie trailers, music albums, corporate videos, showreels, news etc (OR) an online market survey in the form of text messages, audio files, video files, PDF files, images, YouTube links, Facebook posts etc.

The project will be available in the Online Project Box of our member's dashboard. The member shall promote the project by sharing the same using his/her Social Media Accounts, Whatsapp etc., Such online promotions will get more exposure than the paid promotions. The particular percentage of the revenue obtained from such projects will also be shared with our qualified members.

There is a viable option for our members to choose the type of project as they prefer while doing enrollment and they can choose both offline and online too.

All offline/online projects will be available in the Project Box of member's dashboard. The member can either accept or skip the same based on their preference. Junior members below 18 years old are not allowed to do Online Projects. We pay revenue share even for the inactive members. But it is only once within 6 months after their enrollment. We pay the revenue share for inactive members to encourage and make them active.