How does Teamonspot differ from an MLM Company?

Teamonspot operates an Affiliate like program through an innovative method, not like any other network marketing.

It does not STRICTLY entertain sales activity and products selling to the customers. Our offline/online projects are offered to our team members based on their preferred category and the revenue is shared with them. If any member interests to promote this unique system, the person will be paid with a decent revenue share and based on the person's promotion level, the revenue share might be increased.

As we already said MLM companies have down lines that may go in deeper levels. But, in Teamonspot, you will be paid when you promote our concept (OR) by doing our projects. Since there is no Pass-up commission, there are no levels. We work as same as any other legitimate affiliate marketing companies. You will be paid once your assignment is completed. The pay will be a fixed percentage as Revenue share that is calculated according to their stage.

Another major difference is MLMs make most of their money from people who fail to sell their products.

"Breakage" is the term highly popular in MLM which deters many people from earning money. That is the sales volume generated by you/your downline for which no compensation is received at your end. "Breakage" is unpaid/unearned commission and it won't be paid to the members. Directly the amount profits the company.

Teamonspot does not comply with any bonus except ONLY REVENUE COMMISSION although you introduce a newbie in your team. But in Teamonspot everyone is treated equally.

The amount of Revenue commission will be enhanced while introducing new members to the concept. 80% of our current enrollments are from other MLM companies Teamonspot members will never be disturbed their association with MLM.

Children above 5 years old can also become members with us. We have many offline projects for kids too. But, this facility is not availed by any MLM company. As we have not been involved in any MLM, we cannot comment on the team building concept. However, all Teamonspot members help mutually to succeed. We hope that you would have acquired an adequate knowledge about Teamonspot's Crowdsourcing Concept.

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